Web design is my bread and butter.

I create websites in HTML5 with CSS3. I also specialize in WordPress based CMS websites. Most clients want a WordPress bases site, due to the ease of updating and added functionality.
I’ve created multiple e-commerce websites, online brochures, e-books, and email marketing campaigns. Get ahead of the curve and update your website to follow the latest trends.

Dome Advisors is a politcal advisory based in Washington, DC.

Dome Advisors came to us looking for a revised website with a focus on imagery and video. I gladly accepted the challenge, since we love re-branding websites to be more image-heavy. In addition to the website, I also built a WordPress-based blog for their weekly newsletter and 50 second theater divisions.

I also provide email marketing services for Dome Advisors, located in Annapolis, MD. With custom prepared HTML emails, Dome Advisors sends out a weekly email blast for all of their followers. This effective and affordable tactic draws a massive viewership to their website and strengthens their brand.

Launch Project

Aermoon specializes in pre-owned private jet ownership.

Aermoon was looking for a new website, as well as an online management solution for their expansive aircraft inventory. The project called for high end design and a boutique feel. To manage the aircraft, I developed an inventory management system based on the WordPress CMS.

Launch Project

BMC Property Group is a real estate investment company.

BMC Property Group wanted to refine their existing branding to stand apart from their competitors that generally aren’t very tech savvy. As part of this project, I created a WordPress-based website that could be managed on site by BMC. This site was built using Visual Composer, which allowed a very simple client update experience.

Launch Project

Long Tube Headers is a high end exhaust manufacturer.

Long Tube Headers creates extremely high-end exhaust products for American muscle cars. LTH came to me when the company hadn’t even been branded yet. I worked with LTH from start to release on their branding, website design, and custom photography. Now LTH is a prominent exhaust manufacturer in the American muscle market.

Launch Project

cp-e is a manufacturer that makes all products in the USA from the highest quality components.

Custom Performance Engineering is a manufacturer of high quality automotive parts based outside Washington, DC. Custom Performance Engineering specializes in turbo kits, aftermarket exhausts, and engine mount solutions. cp-e combines top of the line engineering along with innovative coating and finishing solutions to provide parts that are higher quality than the OEM manufacturers.

When I took on this project, I knew that it would be a large scale job. The company’s website has many specialized photos, videos, illustrations, and an e-commerce store. This project has let us show off several talents in custom photography, videography, illustration, and web design.

Launch Project

Patuxent is a wholesale plant nursery.

Patuxent Nursery’s site was built to showcase their excellent garden center, home goods, and custom landscaping services. The site is built on a WordPress platform to allow easy client updates and added functionality, such as their events calendar. In addition to the calendar, Patuxent’s website employs a built-in blog with RSS feed, Jquery slideshows that are visible on mobile devices, and a responsive design.

To match the design of the site, we took some custom photos to show the customers the exact product that they can purchase at the nursery. In order to optimize SEO, and provide a new outlet to their following, Uvello has also created a YouTube video channel where we showcase the latest products and sales at the nursery. This gives the nursery a cutting-edge look and keeps their customers up to date on the latest at the nursery.

Launch Project

Garden Goods Direct is a large online retailer.

Garden Goods Direct was created to bring the large inventory of Patuxent Nursery to the online market. The project initially seemed daunting, since it required bringing a massive inventory online in a short amount of time to meet the deadline for peak sale time. With some clever thinking, the WordPress CMS based website was born.

After some careful categorization, the website now has the large inventory under control. This site uses an advanced Woocommerce store along with several plugins that aid the warehouse operation in fulfilling orders.

Launch Project

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