Trip Ulvila

I love clean design,
white space, and
the great outdoors.


Graphic Design

I offer various print design services and work with several high end printers to provide the finest print work in the area. Good print work gives prospective clients a great first impression and establishes that your business takes projects seriously. Let me transform your company’s print design into something show-stopping that doesn’t break the bank.

Web Design

Do you have a website? Everyone else does. Whether you just need a landing page to launch your new product, or a multi-page e-commerce site to impress your clients, I can help. I specialize in cutting-edge design, responsive websites, and websites built on the WordPress content management system.


Illustration is the cornerstone of my freelance work. I spent all of my spare time and most of my college career doodling in notebooks and vectoring till my eyes hurt. I LOVE illustration. Nothing makes me happier than drawning, inking, vectoring, and coloring a masterpiece. Other than getting paid to do it that is.


No website or print project is complete without the perfect photos. Besides, your product can only look as good as it is represented. To ensure that your site is top notch, I offer custom photography services. Whether you’re looking for custom photos to fill out your latest brochure, or you need high end product photography, I’m ready to tackle the challenge.

Who I am

My name is Trip Ulvila and I’m a graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, and photographer based in Annapolis, MD. My expertise is in technical illustration, custom WordPress based website design, and candid photography.

Creative Focus

Print Design
Web Design
HTML5 Development
CSS3 Development
Syndicated Illustration
Technical Illustration


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