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Sunday Morningtage
December Parktage

My name is Trip Ulvila, and I love looking at the world through a lens.
I can’t say that photography was my first love, originally I was much more interested in drawing, sketching, and painting anything that I could see. This trained me to look at everyday things as an artist, and search for what makes our world interesting.

I shoot weddings, skateboarding, events, and document my daily life, just so one day when I look back at all of the photos, I’ll remember things just as they were. My background is in illustration and design, but photography has been a hobby since college. Once I got more serious with design, this forced me to get more serious about photography since I was increasingly needing specialized photos and I wanted to be behind the camera to carry out my vision.

Actually, I didn’t even own a camera until my freshman year of college, but I had been training myself how to see, which is the most fundamental part of photography. A few college classes later and countless hours in the darkroom, I was hooked. After college I took a position with the Walt Disney Company as a photographer and was given an excellent chance to advance my skills at an extremely fast rate. Here I took thousands of photos daily, learned studio photography, and started to refine my skills. With brushed up skills, I moved back to Annapolis, Maryland and started photographing weddings and working as the marketing director, and product photographer for a high end food importer in Washington, DC. This was great, but I always felt like I needed to be out of the studio, and out photographing what I was passionate about.

In 2011, I resigned my position as marketing director, and started my own web design and print design firm. Doing this allowed me to pick up more wedding clients, so I can focus more on what I love to do. Now I constantly have a camera with me, and I’m always documenting the world the way I see it.


I’ve always been drawn to dogs, they’re curious, they aren’t camera shy, and in Annapolis, they’re everywhere. Dogs are interesting to me, because they have a myriad of emotions and unique ways of expressing themselves. In this set, I tried to focus on the emotions of the dogs, whether it be the longing Black Lab, the shamed Beagle, or the proud Shih-Poo sitting on her throne.

I offer both film and digital wedding photography packages. The digital packages offer great quality along with exceptional turn around time (usually just a week!). This package includes unedited images along with plenty of Black & White and Vintage edits.

If you want the ultimate in quality and do not wish for your memories to be bound by megapixels, a film wedding might be for you. The film packages generally take an extra 2 weeks to develop and scan all of the film. This mixes the convenience of digital along with the timeless look of film.

Digital Wedding

• Photography coverage on your wedding day for up to 7 hours
• Additional time – $100 / hour
• A photo CD of 600+ images from your wedding day.
• One 12×18 print of your choice from your wedding.
• Two 8×10 prints of your choice from your wedding.
• Four 5×7 prints of your choice from your wedding.


• A two hour engagement session with two outfits.
• A photo CD of 50+ images from the engagement session.
• One 12×18 print of your choice from the engagement session.
• Two 8×10 prints of your choice from the engagement session.
• Four 5×7 prints of your choice from the engagement session.

Vintage Wedding

• Includes wedding + engagement plus…
• 2 rolls of Hasselblad photos during the engagement session.
• 1 roll of 35mm photos during the engagement session.
• 5 rolls of Hasselblad photos during the wedding.
• 4 rolls of 35mm photos during the wedding.
• 2nd Photographer available for $500.
• You end up with both scanned film, and digital images.
• Perfect balance between vintage look and digital.
• You get the chance to have images unlike any of your friends,
and you help keep film alive!

Looking for a wedding photographer with some pizzazz, professional portraiture, product photography, videography, or anything in between? I’m up to the challenge. Drop me a line and I’ll get in touch with you ASAP.